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Welcome! My name is Peter and I have one very important question for you. Do you care about the future of this planet and the fact that environmental harm could make the Earth uninhabitable? If the answer is yes, you will no doubt want to do everything you can to go green and protect the environment. But where do you start? I didn't know anything about this subject but I knew I needed to do something so I got in touch with a local environmental solutions company and asked for advice, they were really great and they gave me some top tips.


Cleaning the Mess Left By Chemicals From Fire Extinguishers

29 November 2019
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Your job as a fire warden is to aid in the management and oversight of fire safety regardless of your designation. You could be the tasked with responding to emergency calls on a resident warden in a densely populated commercial building. Certainly, part of your work also includes following up on the safety of the occupants after a fire emergency. That involves cleaning up the mess left by fire extinguisher chemicals to make the place habitable again. Read More …