Passive Fire Protection Measures Covered in a Fire Warden Training Course

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Passive Fire Protection Measures Covered in a Fire Warden Training Course

25 August 2021
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You can have all the fire-fighting equipment in your facility, but the tools account for nothing if you do not have a fire warden or marshal. The reason is that you need someone to maintain and operate the fire-fighting equipment in a commercial facility. However, fire wardens need the proper training to equip them with the skills required to perform their roles. That said, many people think that fire warden training only equips wardens with active fire prevention skills. However, it is not the case because passive fire fighting skills are crucial for combating fire. This article highlights passive fire prevention measures taught in a fire warden training program.

Fire Drills 

The number of fire wardens required depends on the workplace population. Notably, a commercial premise with high foot traffic requires a large number of volunteers. However, fire wardens cannot do everything by themselves; hence, they need some input from other employees, which is why fire drills are essential. During fire warden training, volunteers are taught how to conduct fire drills. With this knowledge, qualified fire wardens can conduct regular fire drills at their workplaces. Most importantly, the drills keep colleagues on their toes regarding how they should act in the event of a fire.

Site-Specific Evacuation 

How prepared are you to evacuate people from a burning building to safety? Many people think that evacuation procedures cut across the board, but it is not the case. The reason is that commercial facilities are unique in most aspects, including their layout design. Therefore, it would make little sense to teach fire warden volunteers about evacuation procedures without considering their specific workplaces. Therefore, trainees need to participate in a fire warden training course that equips them with site-specific evacuation procedures. It builds confidence and the capacity to save many people in case of a fire outbreak.

Enhance Fire Safety Signage 

Fire signs are arguably the most commonly ignored passive fire protection elements in a commercial facility. In fact, some facilities do not even have fire safety signs despite it being a legal requirement. When employees volunteer for fire warden training, they learn the different fire safety signs and where to install them. For instance, it is difficult to see some fire signs during a fire, especially if there is a lot of smoke in a building. Therefore, a comprehensive fire warden training course should inform volunteers that illuminated fire safety signs are the most ideal. Without the training, fire wardens might struggle to develop creative ways of installing fire safety signs.