Investing in a Green Home: 3 Major Benefits of Buying a Tank to Harvest Rainwater

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Investing in a Green Home: 3 Major Benefits of Buying a Tank to Harvest Rainwater

4 January 2021
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One of the most commonly ignored ways to create greener living spaces is rainwater harvesting. Most people install gutters on their roofs and then direct water from the rain into the downspouts and away from their homes. While this helps protect the home from water damage, you can go a step further and opt to store the water. 

Water storage tanks come in all materials, sizes and shapes. You can install one underground if you need to conserve space or above the ground where space is available. When you invest in a rainwater tank, you benefit your home in these three significant ways.

You Get Gardening Water

People shy away from gardening extensively because they lack water. When you rely on the municipal water for gardening, you will be afraid that they will hike the bill more than you can manage. However, as long as your roof is in excellent condition, you can install a rainwater tank, harvest the water and use it for gardening. The water is ideal for organic farming as it does not contain fluoride, chlorine and other treatment chemicals.

You can also use your rainwater for your lawn. It comes in handy during the extremely dry seasons as it keeps your grass green and healthy. The rainwater harvested and stored in tanks helps you reduce general water demands during the summer months and saves you money.

You Reduce Stormwater Run-Off

Allowing rainwater to run off often has slow but detrimental effects on the environment around your property. Runoff leads to other complications like the addition of pesticides, metals and fertilisers into the water table. The contamination can harm the general ecosystem. 

It could also lead to serious contamination and poisoning if other people in the community are relying on the groundwater for their uses.

You Get Backup for Emergencies

It is always wise to have an emergency water supply when the municipal water supply goes out. When you have tank water as a backup, you do not have to worry about the consequences of water shortages, such as dirty kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. 

You can create a sustainable way to harvest and store your water by consulting with professionals about the most appropriate tank volume, size and material to install on your property. Choose trusted tank brands and have them installed by professionals as this will help you establish a sufficient water supply for your home.